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Who Has to Pay For An Accident Replacement Vehicle After an Accident?

Accident Replacement Vehicles

If you have just been involved in an accident that is not your fault, there are some things that you should be aware of to ensure you don’t end up out-of-pocket on expenses.

One of these things is the question of who is responsible for paying for an accident replacement vehicle while yours gets sorted.

What most drivers do if they can no longer drive their car due to damage is to go and get a rental car and then try to get the costs reimbursed later on. The problem with this is that you could spend months trying to get the money, and sometimes will not even be able to recover it at all.

The fact of the situation is that it’s the other party’s responsibility to pay for your replacement car, and we will arrange to have the replacement car delivered to you. They have a responsibility to ensure you are put back to where you were before the accident, and that includes a car that is not a substantial downgrade from what you had. So once you have finished with the replacement vehicle, we will recover the cost from the other party.

We at Claims Connect are here to help you get this. It may seem daunting to try to demand money from the other party’s insurance company, so we are here to do the job for you. We ensure that you don’t have to pay to get a replacement vehicle if the accident was not your fault, and that you get one right away.

We also have a wide network of rental companies who can supply any vehicle you need, from small cars to luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, vans, utes and more. So no matter what vehicle of yours was involved in the accident, we can help! Our service includes a delivery and pickup service for the vehicle.

There are certain conditions that need to get an accident replacement vehicle. So talk to us today to discuss your current situation and whether we can help you with an accident replacement vehicle by calling 1800 965 111 or emailing .