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What to Do If You Were the At-Fault Driver in a Car Accident

What to Do If You Are At Fault In A Car Accident

If you were the at-fault driver in a car accident, there are some things you should be aware of which will help your case and can end up costing you less when paying for the damage.

First, here are the things you should do at the scene of the accident:

  1. Stop and assist. Make see that no one was hurt, and if someone was, you may need to call an ambulance.
  2. Exchange details including names, addresses, driver’s licenses, insurance details, vehicle details etc.
  3. Note down as many details as you possibly can including location, time and day, what exactly happened, the cars involved, any witnesses, the weather, your speed etc. The more details you can get, the better. Take many photos and write everything down, you don’t want to lose this information.
  4. Do NOT admit that the accident was your fault. You are not obligated to make such a claim, and are probably not qualified to make this decision. But if you do admit your fault, this could be used against you in the event of a dispute. Don’t admit fault even to police.
  5. If somebody is injured, you must report the accident to police. If nobody is injured, you are not required to make a police report.
  6. Notify your insurance. Even if you are not intending to make a claim, most insurance policies include a “duty of disclosure” which means you have to tell them of any accident you are involved in. It can also make it easier to make the claim later if the damages turn out to be more than you thought.
  7. If you are not insured, the other driver’s insurance company will attempt to recover the money for the damages from you. If you don’t pay, the insurance company can take you to court. If the other driver does not have insurance either, the other driver may sue you for the cost of damages.
  8. Once the other party has provided a bill or quote for the damages, it is worth your while to get that car repair quote assessed, even if you are going through insurance. This is because many repair quotes are grossly overpriced, which means you will be paying a lot more than you need to. In the case of your insurance, you will be penalised less by the insurance company if the amount you have to pay is smaller.

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