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Car accidents are a hassle. They are a hassle for the at-fault driver, they are even more of a hassle for the not-at-fault driver. But it doesn’t end with the accident. The accident is usually just the start of a long, drawn out, painful process of getting your car fixed and putting you back to where you were.

After an accident you have to deal with towing, insurance, car repair shops, car hire agencies (if you need a replacement car) and so on. And all that is assuming that no one was injured and that the other party and their insurance co-operates and is willing to cover the full cost of the repairs and your expenses.

But what if they don’t?

Car Accident Vehicle Claims Management in Australia

That’s where the real fun starts.

Now you have to spend time and effort arguing and possibly even going to court to settle the matter. And after all this, if you haven’t presented your case well enough, it may not even end in your favour and you could still end up out of pocket.

That’s why having a team of experts who know how to handle car accident claims is worth your while.

Here's How Claims Connect Can Help You:

After the accident, all you need to do is give us a call, fill out the claim form and send it to us. We then deal with the towing, the insurance companies, damage assessors, lawyers, car repair shops, car hire firms and anyone else we have to deal with to make sure your car is repaired and you have a replacement in the mean time.


We will ensure that the other party’s insurance will cover the full cost of the repair, not short-change you for a sub-standard repair as they like to do. This means that your car will be repaired properly and to a high standard, returning it to the same condition that is was in before the accident.


This is particularly important with newer vehicles with all the safety features that have to be fully calibrated to work correctly. If this is not done correctly, your car will not just be unsafe, it will actually be dangerous to drive and could put you at risk of a lawsuit. We make sure this is done and that it’s done properly so you don’t have to worry.


During all this, you get to relax and drive around in your rental car until your car is repaired or replaced (if it’s a total loss).


After it’s over, we recover most of the costs from the other party and their insurance.

Who We Work WIth

We work with anybody who has a vehicle (or a fleet of vehicles) that has been involved in an accident. That includes:

Members of the public

Fleet management

Operations management


Rental car companies

We Take Care of All Aspects of the Car Accident Process, Including:

Claims Management

We deal with the entire claims process, including insurance, the other party and anyone else involved, saving you time and stress.

Replacement Car Hire

We organise a replacement car so you can still get around while the vehicle is being repaired.

Quoting & Assessing

We ensure that the repair quote is fair, the vehicle is repaired properly and that you are properly compensated for all the costs.

Smash Repairs

Using our network of repairers, we ensure your vehicle is repaired by only the best in the business and that the repair is done as good as if the manufacturer did it.

Legal Assistance

Should the situation result in a legal dispute, our team will handle all legal aspects so that you don’t have to.

We Cover All Of Australia

No matter what state you are in, we cover all areas of Australia, including:


  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • Southern Australia
  • ACT
  • Tasmania

What Some of Our Clients Have to Say:

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